Building Climate Resilience
We are a Malawian-European social enterprise with the ambition to address global warming in a sustainable and socioeconomic context. We offer you as an individual or business the opportunity to BECOME CARBON NEUTRAL in daily life, travel or business ventures.

What we do


Root to Fruit currently employs 15 full-time staff and 6 part-time staff members, led by our forestry expert, Mr. Master Banda. Master served in Malawi's Forestry Department for 19 years, with a focus on nursery establishment, management, and community mobilization and has been an invaluable asset to the Root to Fruit team. Together, the team works tirelessly to raise strong, healthy seedlings, educate community members about the importance of trees in Malawi, and train Tree Clubs how to plant and care for the seedlings they have planted.

Root to Fruit has two European offices, one in Göteborg, Sweden and one in Neustadt, Germany.

Root to Fruit partners with Central African Wilderness Safaris' "Children in the Wilderness" program to educate local schools about the effects of deforestation and invites students to participate in addressing the issue. We also provide training regarding composting, anti-erosion measures, and simple agroforestry techniques to communities surrounding our nurseries.